In one of the most exciting developments since the launch of Cards For You, we are delighted to announce that our company has been appointed as the UK distributor for Cancer Research UK’s superb range of Greeting Cards.

Cancer Research UK is the country’s biggest charity with the highest levels of consumer recognition. They have the largest income from donations generated from both fund raising activities and products which carry their brand name. The success they have had in recent years in developing cancer treatments has improved the quality of life for millions of families and this has resulted in substantial ongoing support for their activities.

The range of greeting cards has proven very successful in the last 2 years and we are delighted to add this portfolio of designs to the existing market-leading Cards For You collection.

Our Franchisees and their retail customers are already benefiting from additional sales provided by the Cancer Research UK range. Both retailers and consumers clearly respond very positively to a product which is of the highest quality and supports this charity’s valuable work.

About Cancer Research UK

  • They are the UK’s biggest charity with annual donations in excess of £400 million-over twice as much as the second placed charity.
  • Formed in 2002 by the merger of the Cancer Research campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund.
  • 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer during their lifetime. One person every 2 minutes is diagnosed with Cancer.
  • Virtually no adults in the UK will be untouched by the effects of Cancer be it themselves or through the suffering of friends or family.
  • They have 550 shops.
  • 80p in every £1 raised goes directly to funding cancer research, the remainder covers the cost of future funds raising. For every £1 spent on raising funds CRUK generates a further £4.
  • Millions of people every year donate to CRUK or consciously buy products which support the charity-which is the largest and most well known UK charity.